Monday, November 9, 2015

Radar and raptor migration: a new paper out now!

The first paper of our radar team has been published on Journal of Ethology. This research shows that migrating Honey Buzzards modulate the compensation of wind drift at different times of the day, showing a highly plastic behavior during migration. Data were collected at the Strait of Messina in southern Italy during spring 2014 with a radar equipment allowing to track flocks of migrating raptors.
Click on the figure below to download it:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

News from the Strait of Gibraltar

The 28th of October was a great migration day at the Strait of Gibraltar. Our friends Juan Ramirez and Rachid El Khamlichi have counted the striking number of 2500 Griffon Vultures from the Moroccan coast! Vultures approached the African coast in a sunny day with a weak westerly wind. Together with them two Rüppell's Vultures. Here following the amazing pictures taken by Juan Ramirez: