Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blood samples requested for Circus pygargus DNA analyses

A colleague from Spain, J. T. Garcia, needs some help for a research, in particular he needs blood samples for Circus pygargus DNA analyses. If you can help him, read the post and answer.

As a part of an unfinanced research on Montagu’s Harrier focused in phylogeography of the species, I’m seeking blood/tissue samples to be used in studies of population genetics and phylogeny, which will be useful in the conservation of this threatened species. I have collected samples from different populations and have used some original DNA samples provided by different harrier’s workers. I would also like to expand the database to include new Circus species and populations. Unfortunately, I lack some populations of Europe to finish the laboratory work. Please see below and let me know at if you have already taken samples (e.g. from past fieldwork, birds dead, etc) from Montagu’s or related Circus species. It is important to record the locality and date the sample was taken and any other relevant information. Samples should be mailed directly to my lab. I will acknowledge adequately all contributors.
Detailed Directions:
1) Blood (one-two drops) or tissue (0,5 cm2) samples can be sent in eppendorf-like tubes (preferably stored in ethanol 99%, but not necessary). If you wish, you may also send samples in Zipper bags (for tissue samples).

2) Please, label each sample independently with your name, sampling date, origin of sample and storage conditions (conservation buffer, frozen samples, etc).

Shipping address:
Jesus T. Garcia
Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinégéticos (IREC-CSIC)
Ronda de Toledo s/n
13005 Ciudad Real.

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