Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop the massacre of migrating birds!

Two different episodes concerning poaching against migrating birds in the Mediterranean.

The first one is a severe aggression against two Italian volunteers who were conducting anti-poaching activities in Cyprus. At the end of April they have been kidnapped and beaten by Cypriot poachers. The police arrived on the scene but did not denounces the attackers.
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The second episode thankfully is good news.
Here below some pictures of an action made by LIPU (BirdLife Italy) volunteers and by the anti-poaching group of the italian forest rangers (CFS - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) the 26 of May at the continental side of the Strait of Messina (Southern Italy).
The intervention led to the arrest of a 63 years old poacher from Reggio Calabria. He had an illegal weapon (12 caliber rifle with serial abraded) that was seized together with hundreds of cartridges for hunting raptors in the area "Water Pigs" near Scilla town. Poachers used to reach that place by a long rope tied to a tree. During house search were seized 5 other rifles , six thousand cartridges and 15 pounds of gunpowder.
Congratulation to the LIPU volunteers and to the forest rangers for their good work. We express our indignation over the episode in Cyprus and solidarity to CABS (Commitee Against Bird Slaughter) volunteers. We wish that illegal hunting will stop in Italy, Cyprus and in the whole Mediterranean area.

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