Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New paper on raptor migration in Greece out now!

The results of a research on raptor migration in northeastern Greece has been published on the Journal of Natural History. Data were collected in one of the most important sites for raptors of Southern Europe: Dadia National Park close to the border with Turkey along the valley of Evros river. Lots of research has been carried on there already on the local community of birds of prey, but this is the first migration paper. It reports interesting information on numbers and proportions of species, on species migration phenology, on local migration hotspots and on the movements of birds of prey through this area discussing the results also in relation to Medraptors research. What is peculiar is that the paper deals with spring migration, which is not well covered in litearture compared with the  research about  autumn migration. To read it click on the link below.

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