Thursday, June 16, 2016

Harmonizing pan-European raptor monitoring standards

Last week end in the Western Pyrenees a workshop has been held promoted by EURAPMON. Participants at the meeting were people involved in monitoring projects at raptors bottle-necks of the Western Palearctic. The following sites were represented:

  • Batumi (Georgia)
  • Eilat (Israel)
  • Burgas (Bulgaria)
  • Antikythira (Greece)
  • Malta (Malta)
  • Strait of Messina (Italy)
  • Pyrenees (France)
  • Strait of Gibraltar (Spain)

Moreover also other people involved in land bird migration count attended at the workshop. All the participants agree to constitute a permanent network with the aim to promote conservation and knowledge of migrating raptors, to share best practices, volunteers management and to cooperate. It is important, in fact, to let the activity working at the different sites and to analyse data collected at the different sites in order to give a wider perspective to our work and to answer major questions related to raptor conservation and ecology. 
We are proud that the proposed name of the newborn network recall the one of our smaller Mediterranean network. The name is Raptor Migration Network. Soon an official document of the Network will be published online  and in the next month a new website will be available.
Here below a picture of a plenary session and one of the Central flyway working group.

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