Monday, September 19, 2016

Two new MEDRAPTORS papers out now!

Two new papers have just been published! Both papers are outputs of two long-term collaborations between MEDRAPTORS and two other European organizations. The first paper has been published on Ornis Fennica and is a result of the collaboration between MEDRAPTORS and Greek ornithologists belonging to the Hellenic Ornithological Society. This paper analyses the weather selectivity of raptors migrating in autumn across the Aegean Sea. The behaviour of European Honey Buzzards and Western Marsh Harriers shows both similarities and differences.The intensity of migration of both studied species is positively correlated with air temperature. The European Honey Buzzard selects days with strong tailwind assistance that helps to reduce flight time over sea thus decreasing mortality risk and energy consumption during sea crossing. On the other hand, the Western Marsh Harrier seems to be less wind selective reaching the island in good numbers also with headwinds, probably because of its higher ability in using powered-flapping flight.
The second paper deals with the spring migration of Honey Buzzards across the Central Mediterranean area. We analysed the influence of wind patterns during the peak days of migration of this species. Data were collected across 8 years at five different Italian sites during a monitoring project promoted by LIPU BirdLife Italy.
To download the pdf click on the links below.

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