Monday, March 4, 2019

A new season of migration monitoring

The project Strait of Messina Bird Observatory is going on and there are several news for this 2019. The first news is that LIPU BirdLife Italy joined the project. The second news is that our observations are financed by the Lipu Uk Delegation, Mava Foundation (for anti-poaching aspects) and Calabria Regional Authority together with a side project of wildlife management to restore a small wetland at the site and setting nest boxes for Peregrine Falcons (POR FESR - FSE 2014/2020). 
The next 15th March we will start the field activity with the raptor count from the continental (calabrian) side of the Strait of Messina. We are going to use two watchpoints simultaneously, one is the same we used since the project has started, the other is located close to the coast. The two points are parellel to each other in respect to the migratory flow. Radar equipment will be used also this year. Another watchpoint  it will be placed in side Sicilian of the Strait of Messina (Dinnammare), for the purpose of predicting poaching in Calabria. We invite volunteers that would like to join our activity to write us an email. Accomodation for volunteers is free. The activity will go on until the 25th of May. 

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