Sunday, August 4, 2019

Two new papers out now!

In the first one we analyze for the first time three autumn and three spring migrations of an adult European Honey Buzzard belonging to the population breeding in Central-eastern Europe tracked by satellite telemetry.

Agostini N, Prommer M, V√°czi M, Panuccio M 2019. Repeated large scale loop migrations of an adult European Honey Buzzard. Avocetta 43: 13-21.

In the other one we investigate the composition and abundance of wintering raptors in Rome.

Panuccio M, Foschi F, Todini A, Baldi A, Dominicis N, De Filippis P, Casini S, De Pisa G, Palmeri A 2019. Better to stay downtown or in the countryside? Raptors wintering in urban and rural protected areas of Rome (Central Italy). Avocetta 43: 67-73.

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