Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New migration update from the Central Mediterranean

In these days many species of raptors are moving across the Mediterranean area, among them harriers, Kestrels and Lesser Kestrels. The Marsh Harrier shows a peak of migration between the last days of March and the first ten days of April. In particular several adult males are migrating in this moment. Moreover in the Venetian lowland there is still a passage of Common Buzzards moving toward North-East as observed some days ago by our friend Aldo Tonelli.


  1. Hi Medraptors. I´ve been photo-shooting Med.Kestrels all this June & early July, great
    shots of parent & chicks. one photo shot I´ve sent to National Geo. which I have a photo gallery like so many others. There was a sudden exit of the Kestrel family. Question: Do all Mediterranean Kestrels migrate? or find another location close by?. Sincerely; Robert H.C.

    1. Dear Rober thanks for your comment. Concerning your question I don't have an answer. Unfortunately there are few studies describing the migratory behaviour of Kestrels and there is a lack of information. It is known that there is an overlap in migratory and sedentary populations. In the Mediterranean area there are also wintering individuals belonging to the populations of central and northern Europe. For any other questions you can write us an email: medraptors@raptormigration.org
      Michele P