Friday, April 26, 2013

Call for volunteers at the Strait of Gibraltar!

There is a great opportunity to partecipate at one of the most important monitoring  project of migrating raptors. The Migres Foundation is looking for volunteers:

Migres Foundation is launching its 2013 call for researchers for the monitoring of migratory birds in the Strait of Gibraltar. Migres is a scientific programme for the long-term study and monitoring of migratory birds through the Strait of Gibraltar. Since 1997, Migres Programme is based on systematic and standardised bird counting which provides comparable results year after year. Furthermore, Migres actively contributes to environmental education and social awareness of bird and habitat conservation. This programme also aims to train those people interested in bird identification, census techniques and migratory bird studies. For this reason, we open this call to all those interested in our studies on migratory birds in the Strait of Gibraltar. 
You can find more information at the Migres Foundation website or ask for additional information by email at:

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